3 de febrero de 2011

footprintDB - online database of transcription factors and DNA binding motifs

I want to introduce you the new bioinformatic contribution of our lab to the science world: footprintDB (http://floresta.eead.csic.es/footprintdb/)

footprintDB is a database with 2905 unique DNA-binding proteins (mostly transcription factors, TFs) and 4001 DNA-binding motifs extracted from the literature and other repositories.

The binding interfaces of (most) proteins in the database are inferred from the collection of protein-DNA complexes described in 3D-footprint.

footprintDB predicts:
  1. Transcription factors which bind a specific DNA site or motif
  2. DNA motifs likely to recognised by a specific DNA-binding protein
 As summarized in the schema:

We encourage you to register in footprintDB and test it by yourself: http://floresta.eead.csic.es/footprintdb/index.php?user_register

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